Leading Service Provider for Vertical Mobility Solutions

Fenesta Lifts Pvt. Ltd. is a leading service provider for safe and reliable vertical mobility solutions. With an experience of over 16 years, we provide lift and escalator installation and modernization services for both residential and commercial spaces.

Based in Pune, Maharashtra, Fenesta Lifts has gained a reputable name in the industry with our commitment to excellence and safety. We have a team of skilled and professional engineers and technicians who can assist in all types of lift and escalator installation services. Our vertical mobility solutions are designed to be robust and durable to give our clients the ultimate safety and accessibility. We provide guidance with the consultation, design, manufacturing, and installation process of lifts and escalators.

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Our Products

We offer a wide range of vertical mobility solutions tailored to meet individual requirements. We suggest suitable elevator options to our clients based on their purpose and available infrastructure.

All our elevator offerings are built to be corrosion proof and durable, and each product serves a specific purpose. From top-notch appearance to high-functional features, we offer the very best in quality. We give special attention to the look and final finish of our lifts, and as a result, you get stylish and trendy elevators that that can match all tastes and preferences.

Services we Provide

Fenesta Lifts Pvt. Ltd. is empowered by a team of skilled engineers and expert technicians to provide safe and reliable installation and maintenance services for lifts and elevators.

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Installation of New Lifts

With more than a decade of experience, we provide services for the installation of new elevators in both residential and commercial buildings, including hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, and more. Our team of experts do a thorough evaluation of the building plan and existing infrastructure to come up with vertical mobility solutions that are specifically designed to meet our client’s requirements.

Maintenance of Existing Lifts

Like all other electronic equipment, lifts and elevators also need proper maintenance to ensure long durability. We keep your elevators up and running with periodic maintenance checks. We give special attention to the safety and reliability of the equipment to ensure smooth functioning of your lifts. Thanks to our regular maintenance services, you can preserve the asset value of your lifts and increase the lifespan of your elevators.

Modernization of Lifts

Like all mechanical appliances, elevators too become old and obsolete after a certain few years. If you want to modernize or upgrade your existing lift to increase its functional value, we can help you find practical solutions tailored to meet your needs. Be it replacing your old elevator with a new one, or upgrading the existing lift with new features, we find you stylish and functional offerings for all your modernization and upgradation requirements.

Repair of Lifts

We have a team of expert technicians who provide you with regular maintenance and repairing services for lifts and elevators. If you’re dealing with faulty or non-functional lifts in the building or the elevator has suddenly stopped working, our team can provide immediate assistance.

Consultation for Elevator Installation

Before you decide to install a new elevator, there is much planning that needs to be done. Without the proper technical know-how and an expert’s opinion, finding the right elevator for your building could be difficult. We provide consultation services for new lift installation and maintenance tips on how to keep them running in the long run.

“Escalator  installation”  means  an  installation  which  includes the escalator, the operating mechanism, the track, the trusses or girders, the  balustrade,  the  step  treads  and  landings  and  all  chains,  wires  and plants  directly  connected  with  the  operation  of  the  escalator.